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$20 Challenge

This page is to keep track of the rules for my challenge. I may change/update them as I see fit!

Current rules:
+ Add $1 for every game the Detroit Tigers win
+ Add $1 for everyday I bring my lunch to work
+ Add $1 for everyday we do not eat out or order take out
+ Add $1 for every load of laundry completed (folded, put away, etc)
+ Add $1 for every time I walk either to or from work (2.5 mile trip each way)
+ Add $1 for every time I go for a walk/run

Brainstorming ideas of future updates:
+ Add in my other favorite teams as their seasons start.
+ Add $1 for eating breakfast? This is something I struggle with!
+ Add $1 for every book I read from the library.
+ Increase the amount for taking my lunch and not eating out, since this saves us much more than $1!

I will add this challenge money to my Keep the Change account at BoA, along with all of the round-ups from my purchases. Each time this account gets above $100, I will transfer $100 to my ING savings account. Here I will keep track of how much I have transferred. (It will be higher than my challenge total, because it includes all my change!)

Total Transferred to ING: $100