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Lunch Ideas?

April 10th, 2009 at 06:37 am

So far we are doing pretty well with our goal to spend less money on eating out. We succumbed to temptation twice last weekend, but other than that we have stuck to our meal plan for dinner every night.

The one place where I am really having trouble is lunch. The problem is that I am not really a sandwich type of girl. I just don't like them. Actually, I do like them, but the ones that I like are the super-involved ones that take a lot of time (and are expensive) to make. Which means that even if I bring a sandwich to work, I am still pretty tempted to get a piece of pizza or a sandwich from the deli, or something else to eat.

(Yes, I will gobble up a sandwich from the deli, but my homemade sandwich isn't appealing to me.)

I wish I could be like my husband, who can eat PBJ for days on end. But I have accepted that that isn't going to work for me. What I'm looking for is lunch ideas that aren't sandwiches. I've had some luck taking in pasta salad or tabbouleh (a bulgar salad) or something like that. I am hoping you guys have some ideas along those lines that you'd be willing to share. Something that I can make a big batch of on Sunday afternoon and that's not too expensive.

Thanks in advance Smile

6 Responses to “Lunch Ideas?”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    how about breakfast bars?? I'm no help because I AM, a sandwich type of girl!!

  2. Aleta Says:

    When I make my husbands's sandwiches, I have a separate container for the lettuce, tomato, etc so that it doesn't make the sandwich soggy. That helps alot.

    He also likes salads, where we add sunflower seeds, chicken cubes, and whatever else that you like. Plus, they are filling.

    He also likes yogurt for a break or nuts.

  3. zetta Says:

    Homemade pizza! It's a lot healthier than what you'll get from a deli. Make it on the weekend, and wrap slices in aluminum foil. You can eat it cold or warm it up in the microwave.

    Here's a recipe for the dough that is similar to one I use. No waiting for it to rise, just mix the ingredients (about 20 strokes), spread out on a pan, add your toppings, and bake:

  4. ceejay74 Says:

    Hummus, pita and veggies? A tub of hummus and pack of pita breads will last you a few lunches, and you can bring in cherry tomatoes, red onion, lettuce, cucumber, pepperoncini, olives, or whatever veggies you usually eat. A bite of pita spread with hummus and topped with a bit of fresh veggie is heaven to me. Smile

  5. Jane Says:

    I'm not a sandwich person either, so packing a lunch as anything goes- anything I would eat for dinner can go in a container for lunch! Some I've done include pasta with veggies and pesto, those Lipton rice sides (rice with some sort of sauce), gumbo over rice (which I make in big batches),chili, soups, tortilla chips smothered in cheese and tomatoes or chili, leftover cassarole, etc. (Mmmm, just thinking about it makes me hungry- that'll teach me to read a post about lunch during Good Friday fasting Smile )

  6. L Saver Says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your great ideas! This week I settled on a big bowl of pasta salad for the beginning of the week and hummus, bread, and veggies for the end of the week. (I didn't have time to make hummus on Sunday, but will make it tomorrow night!) I'll use some of the other ideas for lunch next week Smile
    Zetta -- thanks for the dough recipe. I think I'm going to try it out when we make pizza for dinner later this week.

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