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Accomplishments -- The missing socks edition

September 30th, 2009 at 12:36 am

So all the clothing in the house is clean -- really, there is nothing in the hamper. And still, I have unmatched socks. Where do they go! Also, with everything clean, I don't actually have enough hangers to go around. Either I need to buy more hangers, or I need to sort through my wardrobe. I think I will choose the latter. Alternatively, I guess I could just try to leave some dirty laundry in the hamper Smile

Here are my accomplishments for today:

(1) Checked online to see if the Comcast payment went through. I had tried to pay it online on Saturday, but never got to the confirmation screen. It turns out it never went through, so I paid it again today. This time it went through!

(2) Called the insurance company to cancel our renters insurance. We just moved, and for awhile we had policies on both places. (We had a month of overlap on our leases.) Today I called and cancelled the policy for the old place and switched our mailing address. We should even be getting a partial refund!

(3) Changed the registration sticker on the car. Since it expires tomorrow, I didn't want to worry about hubby getting pulled over on his way to/from work.

(4) Bought candy for work tomorrow. I needed to buy some for a particular work gathering.

(5) Completed two loads on laundry. Well, the second load is still in the dryer, but it will be completed. Thank goodness this second load is all blankets and towels, since I have no hangers left!

One great thing about this new plan to accomplish five things a day is that my husband has decided he wants to join in. I told him he can have three things to do a day. Not that I don't think he should be pulling his weight, but he has a 45-50 minute commute each way, while I only have a 20 minute one. So he has less time to spend on this stuff than I do. So far, though, I have already had him clean all of the toilets in the house. I love this plan!

2 Responses to “Accomplishments -- The missing socks edition”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Our extra socks have a home of their own in a box over the dryer. Some times their mate shows up.

    It's affectionaly known as The Sock Box.

  2. Jerry Says:

    I am surprised how many people ignore renter's insurance - you are really wise to have it! This has saved my bacon more than once, and others in my family as well. I hope there is never a situation that leads to you needing it, but it's good to have. And a refund from the company? Even better!

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